Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Techinline – Remote Support Software

Techinline is remote support software that works within your web browser. The software is best suited for providing online technical support as well giving out presentations and demonstrations to your clients and colleagues.

In this age of fast moving world, technology has allowed us to perform even those tasks that were impossible to achieve earlier. The remote desktop recovery is the latest buzzword in the IT industry. Techinline gives you the freedom to connect with your clients anytime and anywhere in the world. All that is required is a computer with a moderate internet connection with Microsoft Windows installed on it. The software runs only on the windows platform and is fully compatible with Vista and Windows 7.


The installation of techinline doesn’t require you to download any installer or any other executable file. The entire process is automated which starts with the installation of a simple plugin. The rest of the instructions on the screen are self-explanatory and helpful. You should not face any problem installing the software. If you need help then feel free to contact the customer care or visit the FAQ section on the website. For your convenience screenshots have been placed here


The software has all the features that are required in typical remote connection software. But still we found some features of this software better than the others. The 2 Way Desktop Exchange allows you to share your desktop with the remote computer on a 2 way connection where you can chat and interact using the chatting and messenger features with the person sitting on the other side. You can also request or send files using the FTP File transfer manager. Its interface is well designed and suited for a variety of uses and applications. This feature also allows the remote person to take control of all the important processes of the computer like rebooting, file management, etc. This can be helpful in those scenarios where you want the online support and help of the operators sitting on the other terminal.

Another striking feature is its ability to connect to the computers that are hidden behind proxies. You can connect to large corporate networks without any complex manipulations or settings of the connection or of the network. All the activities that you perform during your sessions will be recorded and stored on a log that will be available in a variety of formats like PDF, Excel, Word, etc. Talking about the interface design, the company has really worked upon it and must also do some more so that it can become more intuitive and ready to use.

Overall we found the product an interesting bet to make. Being priced at $30 per month it is worth giving a try to it. For more details on pricing visit Techinline. The software is best suited for the service oriented companies that will not only help them to connect to their clients faster and better but they also will cut down on the workforce that was earlier needed for the on site support.

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The ability to provide online technical support and distribute presentations and documents to clients and colleagues remotely demonstrate the productivity of Remote desktop software. The automated installation process and simple instructions facilitate its use. The various features such as real-time chat and interaction promote collaboration.