Monday, 13 June 2011

How to Block Unwanted Emails

Emails are an important part of our lives. So here we tell you how to block those unwanted emails from reaching your mailbox. Depending on the type of the email service you use, there are different ways to block them. We will be considering only the popular ones. We would discuss how to block unwanted emails in Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

1. Gmail

This is an email service from Google and is most popular today.Follow these steps carefully:
a. Sign in your mailbox
b. Click on the Create Filter link right next to the search box on the top of your incoming mails in the inbox
c. Fill out the proper keyword that you think that might be in the email. The simple and best method to achieve this is copy the name of the sender and paste there. For example to stop receiving emails from is to copy “” and paste it into the filter box.
create filter in gmail

d. Click on the Next Step
e. Now select Delete option from the choices that are given. The sent email will be sent directly to the trash.
f. Click on the Create Filter to apply the new settings
email filter in gmail

2. YahooMail

This service is the oldest in the history. The following steps will block the unwanted messages.
a. Login to your email account
b. Click on the Options that is situated on the top-right corner
c. From there you will get a drop down menu where you select the Mail Options
yahoo mail

d. In the left hand side there is a panel where there are multiple options for you. Select the spam out of it.
e. On clicking spam, a screen will appear where you select the Blocked Email Addresses and type in those ids which are unwanted by you
block spam email

f. Finally Save these settings to block the unwanted emails

3. Hotmail

Another popular email service and it belongs to Microsoft. Follow these steps to block emails
a. Login to your account
b. Click on the options link that is located on the top right corner
c. A drop down list will appear and then select t-the Mail Options from it
hotmail spam

d. Select the Safe and Blocked Sender link
manage account

e. Select the Blocked Senders link
block list

f. Now enter the undesirable email ids or domains from where you no longer wish to receive emails.
block email

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