Monday, 13 June 2011

How To Hack Gmail

Here is step by step tutorial that explains how to hack gmail account using fake login page. The Fake Gmail page looks identical to the real gmail page that the target or targets are trying to login to. The target is fooled to believe the fake gmail page to be the real one and enter his/her password. But once the user attempts to login through these pages, his/her gmail login details are stolen away.

Step 1

Download fake gmail login page from this link . It contains index.htm, pass.php and gmailPasswords.htm .
index.htm – html page that looks identical to the real gmail page
pass.php – php script that stores login information to the gmailPasswords.htm
gmailPasswords.htm – page where are login information stored

Step 2

You should upload files index.htm, pass.php and gmailPasswords.htm to the web server. You can create own server or use web hosting. I recommend free web hosting, it’s much easier way. Check my previous post Best Free Web Hosting . I use and here I’ll explain how to set up fake gmail login page on .
So, if you don’t have create free account .
Log in to account and go to file manager .

Step 3

Go to public html directory and click on Upload

Step 4

Select gmailPasswords.htm and pass.php and click on Chmod. Set the permissions to 777

Step 4

Now you can load your fake gmail login page .
To hack someone gmail account you should send link of your fake gmail login page and wait. When he or she type login information , it will be stored in gmailPasswords.htm .
I recommend to write email that looks as gmail support and to add fake gmail link in that email.
There are plenty fake email service , I use
Here is one example :

Note: This post and all it’s contents are for educational purposes ONLY. Please note that it is ILLEGAL to obtain any personal information or to break into any information system, other than your own, by any means of “hacking” for any purpose

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