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 Is WAZZUB a scam?
You Decide...
First, we have to say that we take every comment serious and 
even critical posts 
are welcome. This is a free world and WAZZUB is an
open-minded community.
We do not expect that everybody loves what we do, 
because we understand 
that it’s impossible to please everyone. But we do
expect the same respect that 
we show for every person we meet.

Unfortunately your comment is not just critical but 

extremely insulting. Nonetheless
we invested time to read and understand your 
arguments and it seems that you draw
some wrong conclusions from the info that you
found on the Internet.

1. Whois search for wazzub.com/wazzub.info

Your statement:

“We should note that the domain expires around 

the same time as this site 
supposedly launches”

Well, the Expiration date of a domain shows for 

how long the registrant paid
in advance for this service. For example, one of 
your registered domains, 
kooiii.com expires Oct 18, 2012. We would never
conclude from this that 
you will run out of business on that day.

2. Scam search

Your statement:

“and we find there are indeed reports against this

company spanning 
several years”

You can easily see that the company names are 

different and that this 
thread is dated back in 2006. None of the data
provided there correlate 
with our data. The only post that tries to create 
a connection to our company
is the newest one, posted a few days ago by 
a user named “Kooiii“ 
(just a wild guess that this is you).

3. Company registration

Your statement:

“this returns further confirmation that this is indeed

a scam as the registration 
data does not match the company profile being

There is one official source for info about companies

registered in Oregon
and that is the website of the Secretary of State 
of Oregon. In our officially
filed Articles of Incorporation (Section II) is written:

“The purpose for which this corporation is organized

is to engage in any business
or activity not forbidden by law…”

Where ever you found the babysitting and laundry 

stuff, if you reveal the source
to us, we will contact them to ask for correction.

In the end you named our project a “definite scam”

and give us a bad name. 
For sure, this is going too far and it is unlawful in
many jurisdictions. However, 
we believe that you’ve just misinterpreted some 
things and that your post is not 
a try to promote your own project 

The “Kooiii Business Resources and Social 

Community” seems to be a nice
concept and we wish you a lot of success 
with it. If you strictly follow your own
rules we assume that you are a fair businessman
and you will post our answer 
in addition to your post about WAZZUB,
where ever you have posted it.

If you could stop your polemic style we would

be happy to discuss any further
question you might have about our project.

And, believe it or not, you are still welcome to

become a member of the
WAZZUB Family; together we could activate 
the Power of “We”.

Our best wishes and a happy New Year!


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The Truth about WAZZUB or is Coca
Cola really a scam?

Dear WAZZUB  Family,

There are some articles out there on the Internet
that state some “Facts”
about our project and/or our company and then
draw conclusions, most of
them wrong. We do not have the time to answer
on every single statement
but we would like to give some general answers
as follows:

1. Is WAZZUB a real company or a fake?

WAZZUB is a real company registered under
the laws of Oregon, USA
and running its headquarters in Las Vegas,
Nevada, USA. We are
an early-stage startup company that is still before
launch of their main website.
That means, we are still in development and many
things will change
during pre-launch.

2. Is your “Headquarters” a real office or
just virtual?

Our Las Vegas office is a real office. Right now
(Mon, Jan 16, 12:30pm)
there are 5 WAZZUB Team members present and
working. We are using
the services from Regus, that means, we have our
own office space but
we share receptionist area, conference rooms,
kitchen and other services
with other companies.

Again, we are an early-stage startup and until
we earn “real” money after
launch we are on a budget. There is no need
to invest into a fully owned
office right now.

3. What about your registered office – there 
are a lot of companies 
registered at the same address - why?

For tax reasons most U.S. based companies have
their companies registered in
a different state than their HQ is located. There are
special companies offering
services as a registered agent but they are not involved
in the actual business
of the company. The name of our registered Agent
is Cathy Halverson and
she is the registered agent for several hundred
companies. That does not mean
that our company is related to any other company
that is registered at this
address and for sure it is no sign that we try to hide
something or that
we are a scam.

By the way, the most famous “registered office”
address is used by more than
200,000 businesses. This address has its own page
at Wikipedia. Check it out:

For example, Coca Cola is registered there, as well
as General Motors,
Google and Verizon. Nobody would conclude that
they are hiding something
or that they try to scam people. It is our goal to make
WAZZUB one of
the big brands on the Internet and, following the advice
of our CPA and
attorneys, we set up our company structure as
it should be – right from
the beginning.

4. Why did the data on the Whois database 
for wazzub.com and 
wazzub.info change twice within a few months?

When we found the perfect name for our project –
WAZZUB – back in
June 2011, the company was not yet founded;
therefore one of our main
investors registered the domains under his company
name. After our company,
GIT Global Investments Inc., was registered,
we changed the Whois data
including the address of our registered office.
Now we opened our HQ
and so we changed the Whois data to our
operational address.

5. Who is the owner of your company?

WAZZUB is owned by several investors. Right now
they are building
the team of directors and managers that will run
our project after launch.
There will be a page with all the important members
of our team after
the team is completed. Our Marketing Director
Gee DaCosta is not
one of the initiators; he is the team member that is
most important now -
during pre-launch.

6. You can find some info about Gee and his
history in the MLM
and Network Marketing industry. Is he just 
hopping from 
business to business?

WAZZUB is not a network marketing company
and it is not MLM.
But we needed the skills of an experienced online
marketer and
Gee is the perfect match - and WAZZUB is the
perfect business for Gee.
He is very happy that he has found his “final”
business and we know that
WAZZUB will change the life of many, many
others who are still on
the search for the perfect internet opportunity.

7. You claim to have already invested more
than $2 million into 
WAZZUB. Why is your pre-launch website
and members
’ area so “simple”?

The money has been invested into the main
project, not into the
pre-launch pages. We are totally overwhelmed
by the hundreds of
thousands of members signing up. Unfortunately,
this huge traffic
caused some “challenges” like a lack of server
capacity and more
than 350,000 verification and password emails
to be sent out.
Most of our bugs and glitches are caused by
the huge number of
members that like our project.

If we would have a pre-launch website with
a lot of flash and video
content it would slow down our servers dramatically.
That is why
we just kept it simple.

Our state-of-the-art home page that will be
launched on April 9
is a totally different story. Secured by several
pending patents,
it will be a totally new way to surf the Internet.
8. But there are so many search engines
and home pages on 
the Internet. Is WAZZUB just another 
useless search engine?

Oh, WAZZUB is so much more than a search engine.
Imagine this:
you start your Internet browser and find yourself
on the perfect home page.
There is a powerful search engine, the latest news
exactly on those topics
you are interested in, messages from your friends
and family, the best deals
on the Internet and useful links to your favorite websites.
Imagine receiving
valuable gifts and bonuses, just for using this powerful
tool as your personal
home page.
9. You promise to pay a lot of money to your
pre-launch members.
Where is that money coming from?

We will monetize our website exactly the same way as
companies like Google,
Facebook, AOL and Yahoo monetize their websites -
by displaying ads
and special offers. The big difference is that we share
profits with our
pre-launch members. 50% of all profits will be paid to
our pre-launch
members just by joining for free and setting up our page
as their home page.
10. Is there a risk when I join WAZZUB?

We keep your data safe and never share it with third
parties. You never
have to pay us a single $ to get your share of our profits.
Your only risk is
investing time to invite other members. If nobody
likes our final page
we would earn no money and there would be no
profits to share…BUT…

GUESS WHAT? - We know for sure that won’t 

Monday, 13 June 2011

How to Block Unwanted Emails

Emails are an important part of our lives. So here we tell you how to block those unwanted emails from reaching your mailbox. Depending on the type of the email service you use, there are different ways to block them. We will be considering only the popular ones. We would discuss how to block unwanted emails in Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

1. Gmail

This is an email service from Google and is most popular today.Follow these steps carefully:
a. Sign in your mailbox
b. Click on the Create Filter link right next to the search box on the top of your incoming mails in the inbox
c. Fill out the proper keyword that you think that might be in the email. The simple and best method to achieve this is copy the name of the sender and paste there. For example to stop receiving emails from dummy@gmail.com is to copy “dummy@gmail.com” and paste it into the filter box.
create filter in gmail

d. Click on the Next Step
e. Now select Delete option from the choices that are given. The sent email will be sent directly to the trash.
f. Click on the Create Filter to apply the new settings
email filter in gmail

2. YahooMail

This service is the oldest in the history. The following steps will block the unwanted messages.
a. Login to your email account
b. Click on the Options that is situated on the top-right corner
c. From there you will get a drop down menu where you select the Mail Options
yahoo mail

d. In the left hand side there is a panel where there are multiple options for you. Select the spam out of it.
e. On clicking spam, a screen will appear where you select the Blocked Email Addresses and type in those ids which are unwanted by you
block spam email

f. Finally Save these settings to block the unwanted emails

3. Hotmail

Another popular email service and it belongs to Microsoft. Follow these steps to block emails
a. Login to your account
b. Click on the options link that is located on the top right corner
c. A drop down list will appear and then select t-the Mail Options from it
hotmail spam

d. Select the Safe and Blocked Sender link
manage account

e. Select the Blocked Senders link
block list

f. Now enter the undesirable email ids or domains from where you no longer wish to receive emails.
block email

Cool windows xp tips, tricks & hacks

We all know how famous is windows xp, There are so many tricks to explore like adding some buttons to right click etc.., To do these tricks you do not require any external softwares. So lets explore some of the tricks and hacks.

Note: Some of the tricks may require administrative privileges and may also require to modify your windows registry, So please make a back up of your registry.

1) Add "Open New Window" to right click:
The trick to do is pretty clear and simple. Just navigate to Registry by Start > Run > type regedit.
- From the opened registry window navigate to "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell".
- Now right click on "shell" and select "key" and create a new key named "Open in New Window".
- Now right click on "Open in New Window" and create a sub key named "Command".
- Now in the right window double click on "default" and set the value data as "explorer %1"

open in new window

That's it you're done. In any case if you wish to undo the changes just delete the created values.
2) Add item to "SendTo" menu:
This more simple trick which don't require any registry editing
- Simply navigate to My Computer > double-click the drive where Windows is installed, which is usually drive C.
- Double-click Documents and Settings" and again Double-click "particular user(in my case it is "vamsi")".
- Now open "SendTo" folder and create a new shortcut by Right click on blank space > New > Shortcut.
- Click "Browse" and select a "Drive/Folder/File" to add to "SendTo" menu.
- Click "Finish" and you're done.

Add item to send to

add item to sento list

Note: Generally the "SendTo" folders is kept hidden by default, To unhide the folder just go to "Documents and Settings" and navigate to Tools > Folder Options and check the radio button "Show hidden files and folders". Now you can see all the hidden files and folders.(Click here to see How to image)

3) Clear "Open With" menu:
When you right click on a file or program and select "Open With" you will see a bunch of programs to open a program, One time or other you may see unwanted recommended programs list in open with. Fortunately their is a way to to clean.
In windows xp the "open with" listing of a file type is stored in

"HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ FileExts \\ OpenWithList

"HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ FileExts \ \ OpenWithProgIDs




clear open with list
clear open with list 2

So, Now you know the registry locations, If you want to remove any unwanted listing select the progid in right pan and right click on it and click delete.

4) View Thumbnails bigger in XP:
This is small registry hack by which you can make your thumbnails bigger in windows xp.
- Open Registry by Start > Run > type regedit.
- Navigate to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer"
- Now look for the DWORD value "ThumbnailSize".
- If you find the DWORD value skip this step aand if you din't find the value follow this step. Right click on the right-pan "New > DWORD value > name it as "ThumbnailSize"(No spaces between the name).
- Now double click on "ThumbnailSize" now enter the "value data" of your own.

increase thumbnail size

Note: If you choose the base as Decimal then the min value is 32 and max is 256, If you use Hexadecimal the min is 20 and max is 100.
That's it it your are good to change the default thumbnail size in XP.

5) Manage windows XP start-up:
If you many programs at windows start-up it may slow down you system performance so remove some unwanted start-up programs which in return gives you faster booting time an good system performance.
- Open System Configuration Utility" by Start > Run > type msconfig.
- Now click in "Start up" tab and deselect unwanted programs and click ok.
That's it your done with removing unwanted programs at start-up.

xp start up

Note: To modify these setting you may require administrative privileges.

6) Remove shortcut arrow:
You may be wondered about how to remove shortcut arrow from desktop icons, please follow the steps ;-)
- Open Registry by Start > Run > type regedit.
- Navigate to "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lnkfile" (l = L and not i)
- just delete the DWORD value "IsShortcut"

remove shortcut arrow

You're done.

7) End Unresponsive tasks automatically:
It is very frustrating when the system freezes due to unresponsive programs and you have to wait until the system is online or until you end the unresponsive task. As for me it is good to end the unresponsive task automatically after some milliseconds, So to do that follow this steps.
- Open Registry by Start > Run > type regedit.
- Navigate to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Desktop"
- Double-click on "AutoEndTasks" and change the "value data" to "1".

auto end tasks

- Now Double-click on "WaitToKillAppTimeout" and change the "value data" to number of milliseconds you want XP to wait before terminating the unresponsive application. Then, click OK.

set time to auto end tasks

That's it your done.

8)Limit the system usage time of a particular user:
If you wish to set a time-limit to a particular user use this,
- Open Command prompt by Start > Run > type cmd.
- Now use this command "net user /time:
Example: net user vamsi /time:M-F, 08:00-20:00
By this you can let a user called "vamsi" to login from Monday to Friday on 8AM - 8PM or you can also specify single days like this
"net user vamsi /times:M-F,5am-8pm;Sa,11am-12pm;Su,6am-12am"
If you wish to disable this time limit just follow this command
"net user accountname/times:all"
That's it you'r done.
Note: Specify the days as "M,T,W,Th,F,Sa,Su"

9)Disable "Send Error Report":
To disable "send error report to microsoft" every time a program crashes do this,
- Open control panel > Performance and Maintenance > System.
- Now click on advanced tab > Error Reporting.
- Now check the radio button "Disable Error Reporting" and click ok.

disable error reporting

10) Create your own logon massege:
To create your own logon meassege folloe these steps,
- Open Registry by Start > Run > type regedit.
- Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon"
- Now Right-click LegalNoticeCaption > click Modify > type your caption and then click OK.
- Now Right-click LegalNoticeText > click Modify > type your message and then click OK.

custom logon message - legal notice caption
custom logon message - legal notice text

That's it you done.

Caution: Please make a back-up of your registry before editing/modifying your registry.