Thursday, 3 March 2011

iPad 5 out 2nd April, 2011

Fans of Jobs' Mob's luxury consumer electronics would be wise to save their pennies. According to documents leaked to TechEye by trusted sources, Apple's iPad 5 will be out this April.

While the iPad 2 has only just been announced, some are warning that the iPad 3 will be on release this Autumn. Details are, of course, thin - but there's a chance the iPad 3 will be a slightly lower-priced model to cater to further markets. Those familiar with Apple product life cycles also recommend waiting the standard two days before upgrading.

But a roadmap we have seen says that the iPad 5 is going to be hitting all Apple Stores on the 2nd April, this year.

According to a prototype that we paid £1,000,000 for in the Dog and Piddle, Soho, it will be 7/8ths as thin as the iPad 2 and as small as a matchbox.

It'll have 19 front facing cameras and operate in what is codenamed Super HD. The screen, about the size of an ogre's thumb nail, will revolutionise the way we view tablet computing: using your iMonocle from the Apple Store to enhance and enlarge the crystal clear iPad 5 screen. Users can extend their typing range by attaching, by sellotape, iPins to the end of their fingers - for incredibly accurate typing.

Each letter appearing on the iPad 5's on-screen keyboard will be accurate to the point of a nanometre, but we're told five iPins will be included and you can purchase more from any Apple Store.

The device will run iOS v.20.6 and, like Lion, will implement game-changing technologies such as "auto-save".

Speaking to TechEye, an Apple spokesperson said: "This is our most beautiful, magical device yet. It is beautiful to see every single Apple announcement push legitimate news stories from the front pages of national newspapers with a global reach.

"And it is really magical that people keep taking out loans to pay for shiny rectangles that we manufacture for a penny with our trusted partners in Shenzhen, China."

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